What did you mean Donald Trump? - Emerge USA

What did you mean Donald Trump?

Donald Trump affirmed a question from a town hall held in Rochester, N.H. where Muslims are a "problem" and that he was "going to be looking at that."

Emerge USA has issued a letter to the campaign to seek clarification and his position on American Muslims. 


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  • commented 2015-09-20 08:12:09 -0400
    Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments are found in many circles and groups in various parts of American society. Occasionally, it rears its ugly head in town hall meetings and debates where a candidate is asked a certain question about Islam or Muslims. Regardless of who has asked the question, it is the responsibility of each candidate to articulate a thoughtful answer. Unfortunately, Trump failed that test on September 17 at the town hall meeting because he was not prepared and was blindsided by that question. However, I am not surprised.

    Trump has been insulting women, Mexicans, and even our leaders and other state officials, and other candidates throughout his campaign. Although he is ahead in the polls, he has a lot to learn about being a statesman and a presidential candidate. His response to that hateful question was pathetic. He not only acknowledged the phobia, he legitimized the hateful speech no matter how brief it was. He missed the golden opportunity to rise and shine and win over more supporters who are standing on the sidelines.

    I hope this letter gets his attention. However it does not go far enough. We need to put more pressure on his campaign through a campaign of our own to take a strong position against discrimation and hateful speeches. He needs a little education about Islam and Muslims. Like in the past presidential campaigns, a meeting with him and his campaign staff is necessary to emphasize the power of a American Muslim’s vote in this election.

    A. Tanhaa