Voter Registration Instructions for Anti-Muslim Rally States (19 States)

The anti-hate rallies being held on October 9th and 10th is irrational hysteria and hate created by a bigoted minority of Americans.

A part of the misinformation that this bigoted minority uses is that “Muslims are attempting to curtail the rights of Americans” and they seek to stop the “invasion of the Caliphate.”

Per the Constitution, they have the right to free speech (even if it is not true and/or hate speech), the right to bear arms (which many of the rallies have stated they will) and the right to peaceably assemble. Emerge USA cautions all to not engage the protesters, contact law enforcement at any signs of a crime and to maintain watch over your safety, your family and that of your community members this weekend. 

The rallies are being held in 19 States in the Union. Emerge USA has created voter registration fact sheets for every State there is an anti-Muslim rally.  As American Muslims, let us not stand still in fear, be silent or act defensively in response to hate.

Use Thursday and Friday to register to vote. If you are registered to vote, update your voter registration.

Let us take civic action, promote democracy, and better our civic impact as Americans. Let those who try to use hate to intimidate the Muslim community know that IT WILL NOT WORK.

Find your State below and make a positive impact in the face of hate.

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