Virginia Eid Gala 2016

Emerge USA Annual Eid Gala
“Engaging the Muslim Vote in 2016”

Voting expresses political choice and influences our elected leaders. Emerge USA chapters across the US are working to civically and politically empower American Muslims through programs and activities at all levels of government. For over a year, our Virginia Chapter has been building relationships, training constituents, and focusing on data driven strategies for innovative outreach.

Growing the voter base this Presidential election cycle is indeed critical, but representative governance requires the constant mobilization of communities in influencing local policies, which directly affect the well being of all citizens and continually strengthen our union.

There is a growing acceptance to the minority community now that has made sure to ensure good governance in their life that will help them to lead a better lifestyle to help with making sure that their life is a much better improvement on the one they had on their own country. This has interested many people to help them with helping hand.

There are donations given, that can help out with the way the minority community functions, making sure that they do not lose out on their life making up for the lost opportunities and time, in total providing a better opportunity that they came looking for. Much like a helping hand that can make sure to enable a better situation, lifestyle has been pushed above the given level and helps the life beyond borders.

It is good to have a peek here to understand the plans that are in store for the Eid celebrations that will definitely be the most wonderful opportunity of showing unity in the minority sections. It is a place where celebrations and good and enjoyable situations can emerge that will be best for the world. With improving world situation such gatherings have been the most influential and the best possible show of unity and power. It is a very auspicious occasion and has been the most suitable time to celebrate towards a new life.

We are dedicated to providing communities across America the tools to remain informed, more relevant and consistently engaged. As we celebrate this Eid, join us in recognizing our milestones as the Virginia Chapter of Emerge USA and share with us a vision for the future.

July 16, 2016 at 7pm – 10pm
Virginia Eid Gala 2016
7801 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22043
United States
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