VIRGINIA Emerging Leaders


  • The Emerging Leaders Program builds a pipeline of ethical, well informed, diverse, and prepared individuals, ready to serve as civic leaders in their communities and across the state and country. At the end of this six-month program, participants are connected with internship opportunities within government and civics in order to utilize the skills they learned throughout their time in Emerging Leaders.

The Vision

The Emerging Leaders program turns motivated students from underrepresented backgrounds into transformational and capable leaders. The six-month program is an in-depth, intensive immersion experience that uncovers true potential and develops lifelong skills—and is specifically geared toward ambitious college age students from the MASA community.

Retreat participants are introduced to community leaders of all backgrounds and professions, participate in issue-focus seminars, and serve their community through various community service projects.

College students are often pressured to focus solely on textbook and lecture-led education; during the Emerging Leaders program, retreat participants practice team-building skills in realistic, hands-on scenarios, as well as fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded colleagues and mentors.