VIRGINIA Emerging Data
    • “There is a growing need for grassroots organizations working to ensure that all communities are engaged in the political process and have a seat at the table and I am proud to work with Emerge USA in this effort.”
      Sam Rasoul
      Virginia Delegate (D), District 11

Statewide Election Impact 
Virginia’s American Muslim voters have a growingly significant effect on the Commonwealth’s election results. Recent races such as that for Attorney General in 2014 exhibit the influence of the community on important election outcomes, making the American Muslim segment of Virginia’s emerging communities increasingly vital to all candidates running for office. With 2.7% of the population, meaning 2700 per 100,000 voters, candidates could take advantage of a segment of Virginia’s population that has become progressively more civically and politically engaged in recent years. 


Community Engagement Data

Emerge USA VA and the All Dulles Area Muslim Society’s (ADAMS) ACE group conducted two Town Hall meetings this year. On January 9th 2015, a pre-legislative Town Hall introduced to Delegates and Senators those issues that concern the area’s American Muslims as lawmakers headed to Richmond to preside over the 2015 legislative session. Following the end of the session, Emerge USA VA and the ACE Civic Engagement team hosted yet another Town Hall at the ADAMS Center on May 8th as a post-legislative follow up. This event was designed to allow lawmakers to return to the community 4 months later with updates on their individual roles as well as what transpired around specific committee decisions and particular bills on the floor of the General Assembly. Emerge USA VA collected data from the event and conducted a voter registration drive during the program. 

  • Pre-legislative session 2015 Town Hall results (Jan 9)

  • Post- legislative session 2015 Town Hall results (May 8)

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