About us

Emerge PA began with a focus in Chester County and is now working to stretch both westward to Pittsburgh and eastward to Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is a diverse state—we have large stretches of farmland, rural communities, flourishing suburbs and bustling cities. We proudly have a diverse population that is microcosm our nation. It is our goal at Emerge PA to ensure that underrepresented communities in our state participate in our democracy. We accomplish this through educating citizens about the political process, ensuring that they vote and have the awareness that their voice matters.


Moving forward we will be establishing an Emerging Leaders program in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this program is to provide leadership development training to members of underrepresented communities in order to prepare them for positions in our nation’s major political parties.

The diversity in Pennsylvania is unified through our shared values—freedom, equality, prosperity, integrity, ingenuity, and democracy. When we work together in achieving this collective vision of democratic principles we all benefit, including future generations who will be inspired to reach to even greater heights.