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EmergeUSA Engages with Interfaith Community On American Muslim Challenges and Opportunities

EmergeUSA Engages with Interfaith Community On American Muslim Challenges and Opportunities


November 1,  2016



Khurrum Wahid, founding member and Co-Chair of EmergeUSA, will be speaking at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church of Boca Raton for a conversation with the local interfaith community on November 3rd at 7:30pm. The community is invited to attend this event where Wahid will discuss today’s challenges surrounding being a Muslim in America and the opportunities that have risen due to this historic election. The event will also feature a panel discussion and Q&A session with Rabbi David Steinhardt of B’nai Torah Congregation and Rev. Andrew Sherman of St. Gregory’s. In addition to leading their congregations, both serve as Co-Founders of the Boca Raton Interfaith Clergy Association.

“As a community that is at the forefront of this election cycle, it is our duty to take charge in changing the narrative of American Muslims in the US,” said Khurrum Wahid. “Overcoming the challenges and seizing the opportunities that follow is crucial to solidifying our place as part of the fabric of this country. Now is the time to do that.”

Khurrum Wahid is a nationally-recognized attorney, speaker and devoted advocate for human and civil rights. He is an active member of the legal community and serves as a board member for the Florida Bar’s Federal Court Practice Committee, Florida Bar Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, the Supreme Court Standing Committee on Fairness and Diversity, and more. Khurrum also works on various interfaith initiatives as a member of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League Civil Rights Committee for Miami, the Miami Coalition of Christians and Jews (MCCJ), and the Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation.

"In a time of intense divisiveness in our nation, the need for deeper understanding between people of faith is essential, as well as a path toward healing these divisions,” says Andrew Sherman. “The Boca Raton Interfaith Clergy Association invites the community to a conversation about being a Muslim in America today that will open us to important dialogue on these very issues.”

The Boca Raton Area Clergy Association promotes dialogue and learning among and between clergy and representatives of all faiths. The organization aims to provide professional support through unified responses to challenges in the community.

“There is so much misunderstanding in this world and while there are evil acts being perpetrated ‘in the name of religion,’ the truth is these acts are not in the name of religion at all, but political acts by violent criminal extremists,” says David Steinhardt. What follows is a knee jerk response of fear, generalization and often hatred. Lost in this cycle are the millions of good people, trying to live decent lives; lives of peace.

For more information or to RSVP to this event, please contact EmergeUSA Florida Director, Tamara Ayon, at or  (954) 793-1965.




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