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Khurrum Wahid, National Chairperson of EmergeUSA, joins more than 300 Muslim Americans in signing an open letter to President-Elect Trump

Washington, D.C. – A joint letter signed by more than 300 prominent Muslim Americans was sent to President-Elect Trump on Tuesday, December 6. Expressing concerns about proposed policies and recent appointments from the new administration, the letter urges President-Elect Trump to “reconsider and reject” candidates with histories of outright bigotry towards Muslims. Khurrum Wahid, National Chairperson of EmergeUSA, joined other EmergeUSA leaders and Muslim Americans in signing this letter to President-Elect Trump.


EmergeUSA members are civically engaged individuals who contribute positively to their communities and to American society as a whole. Mr. Wahid, a well-known lawyer and community activist, signed the letter

“The First Amendment gives Muslim Americans the right to freely practice their faith, without fear, and President-Elect Trump and those he appoints need to respect and honor this,” said Mr. Wahid. Mr. Wahid joins the other signatories in urging President-Trump to “make mutual respect and acceptance a hallmark of [his] presidency.”


This letter is the first public communication to President-Elect Trump from a wide consortium of community-oriented and engaged Muslim Americans. To see the letter in its entirety and the full list of signatories, please visithttp://www.muslimlettertotrump.com/.


This letter is just the first -- not the only or the definitive -- communication to the incoming administration. Muslim Americans hold diverse political, social and religious views and their approaches to the administration will likely be varied. What is absolutely shared in common is an unshakeable belief in the Constitution and the rights it guarantees all Americans.


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EmergeUSA is 501(c)(4) that seeks to engage, educate and empower Muslim American communities across the nation through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable and motivated citizens. For more information, please visithttp://www.emerge-usa.org/

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