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Resources for Immigrants & Refugees:

We have compiled a list of resources available for immigrants and refugees affected by the recent executive orders.



Talking Points on the Executive Order 

President Trump’s Executive Order bans immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim Arab and African countries for 90 days, suspends all refugee admission for 120 days, and indefinitely bans refugees from Syria in particular. American Muslims have consistently and will continually support efforts by government agencies to maintain our national security. However, this Executive Order does the full list of talking points here.

Knowing Your Rights Resources

A “Know Your Rights” Refresher for Immigrants

As a reminder to immigrant communities, the NILC released a helpful guide that explains what individuals should do if they encounter law enforcement or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

Community Guidance: Restrictions on Muslim Entry to the U.S.

To educate affected communities with the facts and policy implications of the Executive Order, Muslim Advocates produced a Community Guidance, and also teamed up with the Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at PennState Law to produce a Fact Sheet: Executive Order Restricting Muslim Entry to the United States.

Resources 101: Important Info for Immigrants & Allies

Whether you are an immigrant or an ally, stay informed and find crucial and carefully curated information on advocacy campaigns, mental health, your rights, and more. Select one or multiple categories below to customize your own list of resources.

What All Immigrants Should Know in 2017

These FAQs provide information and recommendations to immigrants in the US. The information in this based on what we know today. We will continue to update it with more information once we have it.


How To Find An Immigration Attorney:

American Immigration Lawyers Association: Lawyer search

Immigration Legal Directory (available in multiple languages):

Immigration Advocates Network:

National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild’s online find-a-lawyer tool:

National Immigrant Justice Center:  Schedule a legal consultation by phone (312-660-1370) or email

The immigration courts’ list of lawyers and organizations that provide free legal services:

Immigrant Legal Resource Center has a comprehensive online client intake form:


Ways to Get Involved:

District Days: 100 Days of Muslim Advocacy

Over the next 100 days is committed to meeting with every member of Congress to talk to them about issues that are affecting the Muslim American community. We want our elected representatives to understand our community and stand with us against legislation or policies that encourage bigotry, profiling and bullying. We need your help to make sure our voices are heard across the country.

Find Your Protest

In response to the Muslim ban, there are protests happening across the country. All the protests listed here in local time.

Stop the Muslim Ban


How To Call Your Representative About Donald Trump's Refugee Ban:

Pick up the phone to tell your Senators, Congresspeople, and local elected officials that this ban does not reflect American values or the American people. It must be fought at every level by method and means available.

Talking Points:

  • As Americans we expect our government to ensure our protection. Past experience informs us these all-encompassing and discriminatory measures will not make us any safer. The EO effectively discriminates against people based on religion, ethnicity, and national origin and ignores the fact that the U.S. already has in place the most stringent vetting procedures for immigrants and refugees from Muslim majority countries.  

  • The EO ban on travelers from Muslim-majority and Middle Eastern nations is the first step in an agenda that criminalizes faith, nationality, and people of color.  This EO is the first in a series of attacks we anticipate against the freedom of minority groups to exist, by limiting the people who we allow into our country based on their nation of origin and/or their faith.

  • The airport protests show that our nation does not stand for discrimination but for unity and inclusiveness for people from all around the world and from all different backgrounds and beliefs.

  • The Muslim community is ready to work with the administration and Congress toward positive measures that will enhance security while protecting our American values. We will continue to oppose anti-Muslim rhetoric and actions.


EmergeUSA's policy position on refugee resettlement can be found at


Stop the Muslim Ban

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