Emerge 2012 Annual Banquet: Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Emerge USA will be holding its annual banquet on April 21, 2012 at the Marriott Fort Lauderdale North.  The theme of the banquet is “Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” with Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin of Teaneck, NJ and Comedian Ahmed Ahmed.

Success is everyone’s common goal. Whatever we do, we always seek success. We always have the reliability to learn and understand to excel in whatever we are trying to do. Dream and desire to the right ambition will automatically bring the success in necessary matters without any doubt. We have to keep ourselves focused on what we essentially require so that we will build a rich reputation for ourselves in the best manner possible. But, how do we drive towards the right motive? How do the nation and the government help us towards it all? What does politics do in this regard? These are questions like this left to be pondered.

We will have to find the answers to it. It is quite a sensible living that we need to search for. Answers come to us in the real form only through experience. We will have to experience hard to get a real feel about all that is getting around our lives. But, we cannot wait for ages to get the real feel of everything to essentially reap the benefits from experience. We have to get the right education and training in this regard to earn what we might get out of experiences.

Training and events have to be from the right source and with the right people. This is what really matters in the end. Life is all about how you succeed in life and not about how you pretend to make the real money. A right training source with experienced people with a good surrounding platform can be the best way to become a good leader. Investing in tomorrow’s leaders today is the current trending concept. When we have many responsibilities ahead, we will opt to choose to live in a coordinated fashion.

A good way of thinking will improve the decision making power and problem-solving capacity increases to a large extent. This will have to be offered at the cost of effective training. Have a peek into this website and you will get to know more. Regardless of whatever is being built, we will have to work hard personally and engage ourselves in doing the right things always. This will contribute to a successful path ahead to live a happy life.


Registration is at 7pm and doors open at 7:30pm.  Hallal dinner will be served and childcare will be available.

Event Properties

Event date: April 21, 2012 07:00 PM
Individual Price $50.00
Location Florida

EMERGE-USA Activisim

Emerge USA’s volunteers are calling Muslims across the state encouraging them to vote in this year’s election.

Emerge USA mobilized hundreds of Muslims to keep the Sunrise City Council from approving the building of an industrial dump site next to a mosque in Sunrise, FL.

Emerge USA’s coordinated a Statewide Voter Registration Day, where they registered 1,000 voters across Florida.