Emerging Voters


The Emerging Voters program aims to make sure as many Muslim, South Asian and Arab American (MASA) voters as possible are educated on the issues relevant to them and are registered and ready to vote on Election Day.


The Emerging Voters program includes voter registration campaigns, absentee ballot drives, candidate forums, statewide phone banking and organizing early voting events. These activities create opportunities for candidates and elected officials to interact with community members so they can learn about and discuss issues that are important to them.

The political profile of the Muslims has been the same sense how it was a few years back. Muslims form a strong Democratic constituency. Many of the Muslim voters in America have a view that the immigrants are those who contribute to the economy of the United States and strengthen it because they are talented and hard working. Also, many are of the opinion that they would rather have a big government that offers more services than a small government will less number of services.

Most of the American Muslims also express that they have faith in America’s dream. Muslims are optimistic about the dream of America and that people can go ahead in life with hard work. This is what they believed even a decade ago. these Muslims believe that those who work hard can actually thrive and there is no question of chance success.

However, there has been one change that is highly notable in the view of the Muslims of America. They have started accepting homosexuality which matches the shift that has happens in the people of America. One would be surprised to know that American Muslims have accepted homosexuality and the share of those who accept it has more than doubled in the last five years.

The American Muslims prefer the Democratic Party and a very few of them prefer the Republicans. Even less in number are those that do not prefer any party. The composition among the American Muslims is hardly changed and they still have a strong view on the Democratic. It is true for Muslims that come from various backgrounds and countries. This is something that is interesting.

“Emerge’s voter guide provided all the information and was a tremendous resource in helping voters make an informed decision about our locally and nationally elected officials.” -Dr. Hajira Shujaat, 35, Orlando