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Emerging Leaders Houston

Emerge USA’s Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Fellows that go through Emerge USA’s leadership program get an advanced class in the principles and practices of transformational leadership. Retreats are designed to engage students in meaningful conversations about leadership, engagement, and service. Our Emerging Fellows Program is a unique course of three retreats over the course of six months.  College-age students and young adults focus on exploring their capacity to be leaders in all aspects of their lives and developing into a positive force for change in the world.



About Us
Emerge USA is a civic engagement organization dedicated to ensuring our country’s Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges and political opportunities afforded to all Americans.

Who Is This For?
Designed for college-age students and young adults ages 18-25

For More Info, Or to Apply
Visit emerge-USA.org/emerging_leaders
Contact info-texas@emerge-USA.org or call us at 832.490.0264

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Hear from the Emerging Leaders Themselves!

I enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with individuals involved in wide-ranging areas of the political process, from campaign staffers and legislative aides to elected officials and political media personalities. Specifically, my take away from the program is that anyone who seeks to take on a community or professional leadership role in his/her future can benefit significantly from the networking, team-building, and personal growth opportunities gained from the three retreats--not to mention the global perspective imparted from the final retreat. I would highly recommend all my peers to apply to become Emerging Leaders!
   - Qumbar Rizvi, Emerging Fellow, Class of 2014-15

The Emerging Leaders fellowship gave me an opportunity to gain experience outside of the four walls of the classroom and away from the computer screen at work. It gave me the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions about voting patterns, social intelligence, and promoting change. Having met with political and organizational leaders, I have learned just how deep and endless the possibilities run for my future as an elected official, appointed member, or public administrator. I wish this fellowship would have existed several years back so that its guidance would have led me to discovering my true aspirations sooner; I am so excited for the future Emerging Leaders who will have the opportunity to embark on this program and return to benefit their community. 
  -  Basmah Salam, Emerging Fellow, class of 2014-15

 Past Retreats

Leadership Retreat
Houston, Texas

team work
active citizenship
communication skills

Engagement Retreat
Austin, Texas

civic learning
social justice
community engagement
career development

Service Retreat
Our past retreats have been held in Turkey and South Africa

reciprocal learning
global literacy
real world contexts

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