Emerging Data


Emerge USA has developed a database of 150,000 registered MASA voters throughout the state of Florida. We communicate with these voters on a regular basis and poll them through live and automatic calls collecting data on voter trends and issues that drive these communities to the polls.This data is then presented to elected officials and candidates to help them better understand these communities.

Emerge leadership travels around the state and uses this data to present information about the Muslim, Arab and South Asian American communities to local elected officials.

The issues that bother this community are also discussed with them. There are a number of Islamic centers and mosques across America and the diversity of the Muslim community here can easily be seen. The immigrants have been entering America since the late 1880s and there has been a lot of diversity in the Muslim community since then. Muslim community has also seen steady growth.

In some of the larger cities of America, there is seen to be different kinds of mosques too as there are different Muslim communities. They have differences in terms of their linguistics and culture. There are efforts being taken to bridge the gap between the community. While the division stays, many of the American mosques bring together the dissimilar people. There are Muslims who come from various parts of the globe. They speak different languages but all of them follow the same faith.

You could spot a Muslim in a suit and sitting next to him a boy in baggy jeans or a woman wearing the hijab. All of them come from various backgrounds but follow the same faith.

There are Muslims from diverse groups in American and they have their own set of problems. There is discussions to help understand what issues bother them. All the steps are being taken to approach them and speak to them so that the government can help to resolve their problems.

These details are generally spoken about and are in the lines of healthcare, economy, environment, education and foreign policy. In case they have some other issues then that is communicated as well.

The content of these presentations includes where these communities are from, the issues that are important to them and mechanisms to outreach and communicate with these communities.


  • What issue was most important to you?
  • Rhetoric against Muslims encouraged or discouraged your voting?