Emerging Leaders

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

The Emerging Leaders Program builds a pipeline of ethical, well informed, diverse, and prepared individuals, ready to serve as civic leaders in their communities and across the state and country.

Here is what one looks at in the students who plan to do the Emerging Leaders Program.

The applicants should be good to work with a team. You should be good at listening, should share and be ready to learn. You should have an attitude where you can develop and work with others and also with those who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The applicants should be full of energy and enthusiasm and have the courage to lead. We want that the applicants be passionate and highly excited about the role that they would perform once they complete the course.

The students should be able to deal with challenges. They should be flexible, adapt to any new situation quickly and be able to prioritize the tasks effectively.

It is also important that the students meet the technical requirements that are asked for in the application form. There is a need for top achievers who can think and work with an analytical mind. They should be good at communications and have leadership traits.

They said that the students who are able to demonstrate respect and those who value people from other communities and backgrounds are welcome to join the program.

At the end of this six-month program, participants are connected with internship opportunities within government and civics in order to utilize the skills they learned throughout their time in Emerging Leaders.

Why Apply?

College students often are often pressured to focus solely on textbook and lecture-led education; during the Emerging Leaders: Leadership Program retreat participants practice team-building skills in realistic, hands-on scenarios, as well as fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded colleagues and dedicated mentors.
All Emerging Leaders graduates are assisted individually to secure an internship in their field of interest once the program is completed.

Who Should Apply?

The Emerging Leaders program is looking for dedicated and motivated college age and graduate students from Florida, Texas and Virginia to participate in the 2015-2016 class of Emerging Leaders. Emerge USA is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring our country’s minority communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans.  Therefore, all applicants must represent an underrepresented community and be registered college students or recently graduated. Visit your State to see Application Deadlines.