Emerging Data

EMERGE has created a database of under-represented ethnic communities in Florida with a focus on registered voters from the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian American communities.

EMERGE communicates with this database on a regular basis through live and automated polling and collects data on voter trends and issues that drive these communities to the polls.EMERGE Data
Click here to see where Florida’s Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities reside.This data is then presented to elected officials and candidates to help them better understand these communities.  Emerge leadership travels around the state and uses this data to present information about the Muslim, Arab and South Asian American communities to local elected officials.

Muslims are a community in the United States that is the most talked about. Unfortunately, very few understand them. Islam has been put into the center of making policies and there have been claims about how this community is spoiling the Americans lives. The truth is that since this community is so small not a lot has been studied about their religion, their leaning’s towards politics and how they have engaged with the American culture.

This is a community that is changing. the American Muslims are more liberal and young than their neighbors. They are religious and they are also keenly curious about what is going on in America. The community has grown in the last few years and they today make up more than a percent of the entire population of the United States.

Thegovernmenttodayhave put up many hostile claimsinIslam and this is why the Muslims prefer the earlier government more.

Muslims in America have undergone a political awakening and most of them contribute mosques or to the civic organizations. There is discrimination based on race and religion and most of them complain of racial bias. This is particularly experienced more by the young generation.

The Muslims are diverse racially and the attitude that they have towards politics and race and the discrimination meted out to them is mostly in line with the other ethnicities in America.

The young Muslims in the majority are born in theUnited States but many of them are immigrants into the United States. They are not connected with any religious institutions but they affirm the role and the importance of religion.

Why not try this out to know more about the political inclination and the issues faced by the American Muslims.

The content of these presentations includes where these communities are from, the issues that are important to them and mechanisms to outreach and communicate with these communities.EMERGE-USA