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There have been a lot of debates lately about how Muslims arrived in the United States of America. The advantage of the immigration was many. This is not a question that is easy to answer because there are no official numbers of the Muslim population in the United States. However, as per the little data that we have the Muslims roughly make up around 1.1% of the total population of the United States.

The Muslims are not as high in number in the United States as the Jewish population, but it is estimated that by the year 2040 the Muslim population in America will outnumber that of the Jews. There is a lot of prevalence of Muslims in the demographic groups.

Muslims are not evenly distributed across the United States. There are some metro areas that have a pretty sizeable population of the Muslims. There are other states where the population is high and still other states where the population is very less.

The number of MuslimAmericanshowever is growing at a rapid rate. This could be because of a high fertility rate of the Muslim-Americans and also because of the migration of the Muslims to America which is continuous.

The religious conversions, however, do not have a lot of impact on the size of the Muslim population in the United States. This is because the number of Americans who convert to Islam is almost equal to the number who stops following Islam.

Most of the American Muslims today belong to other parts of the globe. This was particularly strong when the Immigration And Nationality Act was passed in the year 1965 that lowered the barriers for immigration causing many Muslims to immigrate from Africa, Asia and from other parts of Europe.

The share of the Muslims born in the United States is also high. This includes the descendants of the Muslim immigrants, those who have converted to Islam and the descendants of those who converted.

There is a similarity that is found out between the US-born and the foreign-born Muslims. The religious practices that they followed of the same level. But there are also some differences to be seen. The immigrants have a strong socio-economic stand than the Muslims who were born in the United States. The immigrants have more positive opinions to express about the place that they had in America.