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The Emerging Leaders Program is a one of a kind program that lets you have a clear view of what is in store for the future. The organization is recognized globally that helps to take you ahead in your career and your life. This interactive experience that the program offers to you lets you explore about the people, culture and the services. You also get to have first-hand knowledge when you build relationships with the employees and the fellow students of this program.

The Emerging Leaders Program is hosted in many locations all over the country and you will have to apply to the office location near where you stay. This is from where you plan to intern or to work full time. Your school can guide you on the preferred location from where you can apply.

Who is this program for?

The Emerging Leaders Program is for the third or the fourth year students who are presently pursuing a five year program. Students who are in their second or third year and doing four-year program of accounting, information technology, and business can also apply for the same. It is important that those who apply for the Emerging Leaders Program have an interest in working in the professional services and plan to have a career in the business field. They should have high academic credentials and have the maturity and integrity and possess the enthusiasm to perform responsibilities. The individual should also demonstrate teamwork and have an analytical blend of mind. They need to have strong communication and writing skills as well as strong organizational skills.

Here is what one seeks from the students who apply for the Emerging Leaders Program.

They should be people who have integrity. The students may be from diverse backgrounds but should possess similar values. The students should be personally and professionally accountable. The students should have sound judgment and common sense and should be able to build relationships. They should aim to do the right thing.

The students should be academically high achievers and should have analytical thinking. They need to be able to communicate clearly and have leadership qualities. A lot of focus will be paid to being involved in community services and other extra co-curricular activities.

The program looks out for students who are able to recognize and value the different backgrounds. They should have an open mind about different perspectives and experiences. This lets them enhance the services that they provide.

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