The Best Small Business Opportunities

A small business opportunity does not require a large amount or any other educational qualifications. Moreover, small businesses have only low barriers to entry. Most of the small business requires startup capital but some of it needs only hard work,dedication, perseverance and a strong desire to get success. Many of them will keep in mind as the small business cannot make rich owners and this is the reason they are not interested to start a small business.But for small business owners get pride while they called shots and they feel it as a reward.Insome of the uncertain economic conditions also good business ideas have the potential and it makesa steady income.

Take a final decision and get ready to start your own small business.Let us see about the great ideas of business based on the current trends and demographics. Remember that you can also get other business ideas from the reviews of some professionals.

  1. Gluten-free products

Now a day gluten-free foods continue to be a hot topic in society.Every year about 34%increase in the sales of the gluten-free products takes place and it is expected to reach $2.34 billion in the year 2019.Individuals suffering from celiac disease tend to avoid food containing wheat and gluten.Moreover, other normal persons also like to makegluten-free products. The local restaurants and the bakeries can take up this opportunity where they can provide gluten-free food for celiac disease people.

  1. Seniors care

According to the Canadian census data the seniors in the population will reach to 23% and from this, it seems to take catering service for seniors is the best opportunity to do small business. When you are having an idea to start a small business then you can consider it depending on senior-oriented business.A research study has concluded that about 90% of the retired American citizens are living independently in their own house. Driving, catering, delivery services, landscaping,and cleaning are the different types of businesses based on senior care.

  1. Electric bike sales and service

It is one of the best small business opportunitiesfrom the last year. For the seniors who have the mobility,the problem can utilize this electric scooter. This electric bike and an electric scooter are the best environment-friendly vehicles.

Before starting any business you have to do research about the demand forproducts or services in your ornearby area.


Benefit Thoroughly With Cryptocurrency Investment

We all know that investments are a very good source of income. There are many ways to invest and it is our responsibility to choose the best. We will have to invest early in time to reap a lot of benefits. We have seen many people who keep blaming the situations are not right, but it is just the fact that they have taken a lot of time to invest and the right time is just gone. Why investing early is considered beneficial? Let us try and explore.

In the first place, cryptocurrencies are a new concept. There are muchproper planning to get into the scene. Before it gets highly influential and because the demand can cause severe fluctuations in price, we must just keep accumulating. It is good we make a good amount when the price is relatively very less. We will get to know the value of it now and forever.

It is also a proven fact that investments keep growing only with time. This is relative because we survive into the business of keeping on investing and accumulating money over time. We need not spend too much money in one go. We can just get into the business of investing slowly and steadily but see to it that we are regular. The regular investments grow over time and increase in value when we really do not even expect. We need to take a risk, but see that it gets well. When you invest, you will also get the time to invest more and more in your life. We will not really understand the intensity at large when we invest in a small proportion. The value increases and we will receive huge profits.

It is a good question to research on how we get to these investments and the associated processes. What is the source of improvement and how far we can accept and succeed in the changes and investments ahead? There is nothing to perplex. We have auto trading robots developed with rich algorithms that can analyze the cryptocurrency market and help us take very effective decisions. As these robots are designed by investors who are highly experienced, these products are considered the best in quality. Bitcoin Loophole is one of the most prominent. Visit site for Bitcoin Loophole and you will understand it better sharp and to the point.

How To Choose The Best Trading Platform

Trading is one of the bests trending businesses most of the people is doing in recent days. Due to technology development even we can do trading online without traveling anywhere and without much energy loss. There is countless automated trading software available in the trading market. But some are really legit and the rest are scam ones and so we the users must be very careful while choosing the best suitable one for us. Because once the trading platform doesn’t suit us, then it is very hard to do trading in an extraordinary way and yield more money from it.

Let us check this link right here now to know about the ways to choose the best trading platform and reach tremendous growth in the trading field. I trust this article truly helps the beginners to the trading industry.

  1. Never mimic others:

Some persons do not think on their own and they just try to mimic the things others do. This law never gives a great result and so be unique, choose your best platform based on your requirements and then proceed to trade with it. Have a clear idea about the trading brokers and then carry on with it, else there are many chances of huge loss and failure.

  1. Customer support:

The customers are the backbone support for every business and so we should initially watch whether the trading broker provides outstanding support to the users. There is some excellent software who offer 24/7 customer support services and the people are allowed to reach them at any time through phone calls, messages, email or even video chats. They are ready to clarify all our doubts and queries. If the trading platform doesn’t provide this service, then never opt it for your future business dealings.

  1. Features:

The overall functioning and the additional features the software provides must be verified before start trading with it. The newcomers to the trading industry obviously need some help and guidance to do effective trading and so if the software provides such benefits, then it will be great support for them. Many automated trading robot systems have this educational tutorial feature and the users can attend the online tutorials and get to know more about trading business and the ways to make more money from it.


We are able to see success in all the fields when we are wise in choosing the best one. So, make sure you select the finest one to reach greater heights.

No pain, no gain!

No pain, no gain!

The objective of all the hard work and perspiration is to become rich. It feels awesome to drive a BMW, live in heaven like home and to plan a Europe trip. But these things cannot happen without a lot of money. Some people are blessed with rich parents and millions worth ancestral properties, whereas some are destined to struggle and toil every day to meet their basic necessities. Money doesn’t grow in trees and becoming rich is not an overnight affair.

Have you ever dreamt of winning a lottery worth millions or clinching the title and tonnes of money on a television show? Unless such things happen, one cannot become a billionaire in a day. Starting from scratch is difficult, yet not impossible. Go through this post for super cool ideas to get rich in rocket speed.

Cutting down your luxurious habits to save a few pennies is not going to make you rich. We should always remember that there is a limit to save from what we earn but there is no limit to how much we earn. Invest in everything. From stocks to gold, real estates to mutual funds and even in cryptocurrency trading software like Bitcoin Trader. Again, it is not going to make you the king of your city overnight. But you have sown the seeds now and it will pay back for sure, now or a few years later.

Declutter your stuff! For instance, sell a car if you can opt for public transportation. Ask yourself the following questions before decluttering or selling stuff. Do I really need this? Can I exist even without it?

Say no to debts which can be stressing, exhausting and can push one into depression. If you have taken a student loan and the interest is biting your toes, refinance immediately. Switch to companies that offer loans for minimal interest.

If your friends are posh, parties often, spend lavishly and financially irresponsible, please cut down their friendship right now! Surround yourself with the people who have the same goal and ambitions as you.

Build an auxiliary business that earns decent money. The secondary income gives confidence and imparts financial security. The government provides loads of tax benefits to the small-scale business. You should analyze wisely and choose the one that suits your personality.

Eventually, you can feel the heaviness of your bank balance. Stay patient and stay hungry for money!

Trading Bitcoin Using Robots

Trading Bitcoin Using Robots

Bitcoin trading has seen many highs and lows in the world of business. With the increasing level of the market, more extensive methodologies have pushed the need for a better marketing strategy to pick up any deficiency and boost it into a much effective trading solution. There has to be extensive research done in the day to day affairs before investing in bitcoin trading. It does make its mark on the market, helping users out on their trading policies and makes sure almost all of the investors will definitely benefit from it.

There are many users trying their hand out in the market, before seriously getting into it. They test the waters for a short duration, evaluate the authenticity, and how probable the profit margins are before moving on to the next step. The next is possibly how much to invest in the market. Only if people are ok with the profit margins they will go forward with their investment. But still, mispredictions and miscalculations push them into heavy loss within a few weeks of investment. Even if the person is capable, there is only a little chance the person leaves the market with a large profit.

Effect of robots in the trading market

Robots have proven their mettle in the previous years regarding how efficient they are in pushing the profit margins. Once there is a wide range of users for these robots, it is quite natural that it is accepted quite everywhere and more users are trying to put their concept into use as to know what the fuss is all about.

The robot is run by an autopilot software and it analyses data from all sources relating to the investment to come up with a foolproof solution to the persistent problem of incurring repeated losses. Once the market behavior relies on newer strategies to make a turn in the rates, the robot should perceive the action beforehand from the given data and give a satisfying solution in such a way that there is a profit in every possible way thus producing a happy and satisfied user.

There are huge advantages to using this methodology for trading, but it is always better to read through the full review of it before starting to invest in the market in full fledge. It is better not to believe in it fully until understanding the role the robots play in this method.


Use Online Marketing to Increase Business from Scratch

Use Online Marketing to Increase Business from Scratch

With the internet floating with new ideas, projects and the do it on your own projects for branding products and services, online marketing is a heavy hub clocking all the viewership, channelizing the audiences into specific websites according to the preference of the viewers and their requirements and choice. Start in a small way and then expand the horizon of products and services offered for the distinguished client base, start small and grow wide and far.

The competition is impending, finding the difference between your product and the competitors is a task that is time-consuming, staying ahead of the pack and using the latest technology and value add to the products will reach greater viewership base across the globe. Scalability of your business depends upon the sustaining factor, and how successful in terms of satisfied customers are is the key to increase the business potential from small baby steps into a good enterprise.

  • understanding your strengths, working on them to excel is not only the requirement, working on the negatives, comments from unhappy customers who give a direct opinion about the quality of the product and service is also important
  • serving the customers better and trying to understand their preferences and give choices for them to explore, brings in the brand loyalty that businesses are looking for
  • reducing fraudulent methods of attracting customers online is big issue, as there are too many foul fish in the murky waters of the internet, though Bitcoin Loophole is not a scam, the idea set in the minds of people will have huge impact on the sales, using trading platform  Bitcoin Loophole  was not advised by mixed reviews, however the prudence taken to trade and prove them wrong is indeed a challenge in the digital era
  • niche marketing will create a strong sense of competitiveness only within a limited product as your specialized channel to trade is specific and targeted to an audience with similar choices
  • instead of floating in the sea of internet marketing, niche marketing saves the cost and time to narrow down the choices and requirements according to customer specification, there is no need to search in a huge sea of information and data when you have the top three letter niche specified content in the webpage

Easier reach for customers is important as too many search engine options often confuse the viewers who may end up choosing other products in similar lines.


About Us

Emerge USA is a 501c(4) that seeks to engage, educate and empower Muslim, South Asian and Arab American (MASA) communities through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable and motivated citizens.

Emerge USA Foundation, a 501c(3), also politically empowers and trains its constituents to be engaged and active citizens. The foundation has three programs that help fulfill this mission: Emerging Leaders, Emerging Voters, and Emerging Data.

We currently have chapters in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Texas. Our goal is to build civic and political capacity in the MASA communities in these states, while continuing to identify other states for future expansion.

It is very important to ensure equality and political participation of minorities.  Several nations which ignored these in the past had to face the following issues:

  1. Refugees and minorities immigrated to new countries only due to unfavorable situations like a war in their home countries. They already had a lot of mental burdens.  Hence there was widespread use of narcotic drugs among them.  When an economically strong nation accommodates considerable population, who turned out to be drug users, the rate of social crimes spur.
  2. This resulted in an increase in terrorism and prostitution. When something new comes, it always does not turn out to be a blessing like Ethereum Code.   The use of illegal weapons was widespread spoiling the local peace.
  3. Widespread poverty amongst minorities resulted in using them as forced laborer’s. These people were used in large numbers to manufacture duplicate goods of a poor quality that flooded into markets.  These people were forced to work in inhuman working conditions.  They had to work for very long hours without break.  Their medical conditions were totally ignored.    They worked for very low wages.  Also, the counterfeit goods which were introduced in the market totally damaged the sale of original goods.  This had a severe economic impact bringing the demand of the genuine goods down.  The sale proceeds of the illicit goods were used for funding terrorism.  Hence this organization works for improving minority communities’ rights.

PRIVACY POLICY: Emerge USA Inc. is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email, sign-up via the website and/or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization.


South Florida:                                                                                           Finance Office:  Lakeland, FL 33809                                                                3425 US Highway 98 North

Suite 201c                                                                                     8360 Oakland Park Blvd.

Sunrise, FL 33351




Emerging Leader

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

The Emerging Leaders Program builds a pipeline of ethical, well informed, diverse, and prepared individuals, ready to serve as civic leaders in their communities and across the state and country. At the end of this six-month program, participants are connected with internship opportunities within government and civics in order to utilize the skills they learned throughout their time in Emerging Leaders.

Why Apply?

College students often are often pressured to focus solely on textbook and lecture-led education; during the Emerging Leaders: Leadership Program retreat participants practice team-building skills in realistic, hands-on scenarios, as well as fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded colleagues and dedicated mentors.
All Emerging Leaders graduates are assisted individually to secure an internship in their field of interest once the program is completed.

Who Should Apply?

The Emerging Leaders program is looking for dedicated and motivated college age and graduate students from Florida, Texas and Virginia to participate in the 2015-2016 class of Emerging Leaders. Emerge USA is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring our country’s minority communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans.

The people who are belonging in these minority communities are trying their level best to come out, which is being stamped down by the forward communities to stop them from emerging. It is important for people trying to help these communities to understand their need and requirement for improvement and is ready to work towards this mission. For more details, you can check here for the work that needs to be done.

Therefore, all applicants must represent an underrepresented community and be registered college students or recently graduated. Visit your State to see Application Deadlines.


November 07, 2016 12:00 PM

 Election day is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. Polls Open 7 am to 7 pm.


November 03, 2016 1:12 PM

Emerge USA has been hitting the radio this election season. Our goal, as always, is to get people out and engaged in the political process.


November 01, 2016 2:21 PM

Emerge USA has been in the news this past election season. Check out some of the things we’ve been up to: Muslim Voters Ready to Vote Amid Growing AnxietyHouston Chronicle – October 31st, 2016     A report by the Epoch Times on Emerge USA.


Emerge USA Interviews Ahmad Rafah, American Muslim Candidate for Santa Clara City Council

In order to drive change, strong leadership is needed on all levels of government: federal, state and city. Ahmad Rafah is leading the way in Santa Clara, CA and is currently running for City Council as the first American Muslim and ethnic minority in the city’s 150 year history. Emerge USA’s Communications Coordinator Baura Zia recently spoke with Mr. Rafah about his campaign.

Mr. Rafah, please tell us about your background.

My family escaped from the Soviet-Afghan War in the 80s and were fortunately relocated to the United States. When we relocated, my family lost everything we had — we barely had money and my father, who was already a doctor, couldn’t practice here. We lived in poverty most of our lives, with my mom supporting us as a teacher while my father worked to become a licensed physician again.

Life is so smooth for many of you.  You earn, invest easily using BTC profit, get more money and live comfortably.  But imagine the plight of those who do not have a country of their own to live in.  Deprived of everything their life is shattered by hunger and fear.  Back to the story of Rafah.

That story is familiar to many of the Afghans who became refugees of war at the time. We were all devastated by what happened there, but it made us tough, resilient, and resourceful. I’m proud of the Afghan community and how far we’ve come together.

I graduated from university with high honors in Chemistry. I could have followed in my dad’s footsteps and become a doctor, but I wanted to pursue a form of public service that would make a wider impact — to one day be in a position to solve regional problems like disease, poverty, public safety, discrimination, and housing. So I chose to work in government and politics to figure out how to address our biggest problems.

Since then, I’ve been a teacher, community organizer, and Deputy Communications Director to Congressman Mike Honda, who represents Silicon Valley — including the City of Santa Clara, where I live. In Santa Clara, I serve as President and Founder of the City of Santa Clara Democratic Club, am an active member of the Santa Clara Rotary, and was appointed to the Santa Clara Charter Review Committee.

What inspired you to run for City Council?

I was inspired to run for City Council because I remember what it was when my family first came to this country as refugees of war from Afghanistan — we were completely alone and helpless. We only survived because the government and our local community helped us get on our feet and gave us the chance to build a better life.

My entire family was inspired by that experience to give back to the people that helped us, those who gave us a voice we never had coming from Afghanistan. Now, my dad is a doctor, my mother is a teacher, my sister is a social worker, and my brother is an anti-bullying advocate. I have dedicated my entire professional career to public service, as a teacher and most recently a Congressional aide, so that I could become someone who gives a voice to the voiceless, and hope to the hopeless.

What issues are most important to you and how do you plan on bringing change to those areas? 

My top issues are fixing the traffic congestion, finding solutions to the housing crisis, and giving a voice to residents in Santa Clara who feel like they have no connection to the city government.

First and foremost, as a professional who lives and works in Santa Clara, I experience the extreme traffic congestion day-in, day-out. I know what it’s like to be stuck on El Camino or Lafayette during peak hours. This traffic problem is even spilling into residential areas as drivers try to find more and more ways to avoid traffic, which endangers children walking to and from their schools and pedestrians in general. This problem didn’t just come out of nowhere — it’s been here for years, decades. And yet the City Council has never even seriously put any effort into comprehensively planning how to ease the congestion. That’s the first time I’m going to do as a member of the Council, because too many working professionals that fuel our local economy are spending time in traffic rather than time with their families.

Secondly, I believe that once we focus our energy into creating a comprehensive transportation grid and solving that issue, more and more residents would feel comfortable with the intense development projects popping up in Santa Clara. The Council is seeing a lot of opposition to their developments because they haven’t shown they are capable of dealing with problems that their residents experience every day in relation to the traffic issue. We need to focus development in transit areas, like near the Caltrain station, and make sure we’re creating transit villages that encourage walking rather than driving.

Lastly, and most personally, I believe the Council needs a new perspective, one that is more relatable to most Santa Clarans. The Council, for so many years, has been made up of people from the same ethnic, economic, and age group. I believe working Santa Clarans, young Santa Clarans, and new Santa Clarans also deserve a voice on the Council, and I believe I can represent their concerns and make this a better place for them to live, work, and raise their families in.

What can you say about the nature of this year’s election, specifically touching on Donald Trump and the rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric?

To me, the anti-Muslim rhetoric that is being tolerated and spouted by the media and other politicians is disgusting, reprehensible, and frightening. Donald Trump, and others like him, have given racists a platform to incite violence against innocent, peaceful Muslims and other ethnic minorities throughout the country. Even famous celebrities like Aziz Ansari have come out saying they fear for the lives of their parents, relatives, and friends.

A huge reason I’m running for City Council is to combat that hateful rhetoric and show the community that there is hope. No matter how hard they will try to cut us down and make us feel like second-class citizens, they can’t take away our voices and our right to serve the country — which is as much ours as it is theirs.

I grew up during 9/11 — I was always afraid of the first day of school, because the teacher always said my name wrong and kids always laughed at me and called me names, like “terrorist.” I’m running to end that cycle. I’m running so that Muslim kids won’t ever feel like I did on the first day of school — that they’d be proud to have a “funny” name like “Ahmad Rafah” or “Barack Obama.” I’m running to give those kids the hope they deserve.

What is your stance on the refugee crisis? Gun reform? The results of the Brexit referendum?

As Congressman Honda’s main advisor on Middle East and Muslim issues, I made sure that he did everything to make sure the American government supported the Syrian refugees during the height of their migration. The Congressman was on the forefront of advocating for helping the refugees because I was a refugee. I’ve been there. No one should turn their backs on people who are running from war, who are just looking to survive. I did everything I could to be there for them, as the government was there for me when my family came here.

With regard to the Brexit referendum, as a Muslim, I definitely felt that the movement to leave the EU was inspired by anti-Muslim hate in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. I think many people who voted to leave were uninformed of the consequences of that decision and that they let the hateful rhetoric of a prejudiced minority get the better of them. The campaign to leave the EU was based a lot on fear-mongering against the refugees and the Muslim community, and it led at least half of British voters to vote against their interest. Now, they are suffering from those consequences — and that’s exactly the danger of letting hateful, xenophic rhetoric have a place in society.

Why is this year’s election a historic one?

On the Presidential level, this election is historic because America may elect its first woman president — following the lead of many other successful, developed countries. It’s also historic because it will demonstrate how equality and diversity can overcome the hate, violence, racism, and discrimination that Donald Trump glorifies and represents.

My election will also be a historic one. If I’m elected, I would become the first ethnic minority and Muslim to serve on Santa Clara City Council in its 150-year history. I would likely become the only Muslim in elected office in the San Francisco Bay Area. And last, but not least, I would make history as the first Afghan to ever be elected in the United States.

What do you say to American Muslims on the importance of staying politically involved and civically engaged in this years’ election? And beyond?

I would say that, if this election year has taught our community anything, it’s that we need our own voices in government to defend our people, our faith, and our futures. If we stand any chance of being able to shape the discussions happening in the media, to combat hateful legislation being passed against us in the local, state, or federal level — we need to elect Muslim candidates.

I work for one of the strongest supporters of the Muslim community in Congress, but I can tell you that I have had to live with decisions he made that were not friendly to the Muslim community. Imagine if there was someone the community could count on to do whatever it took to make sure our voices were heard, that our community was treated equally in the eyes of the law, that fought openly against anti-Muslim bigotry. That’s the future I’m fighting to make reality for Muslims everywhere — to show the community that it is possible for us to directly shape the direction of this country.

We need to unify and solidify the power we hold in our vote, pockets, and voices, and use them to finally gain our rightful political power, to finally get a seat at the table.

What You Need to Know About Presidential Primaries in February

What You Need to Know about Presidential Primaries in February


The Presidential Primaries are here and regardless of being a Democrat, Republican or an independent, its important to know the rules! The schedule below shows the Presidential primaries through the month of February, whether the Primary is closed or open and your voter registration date. 

Way back machine works with thousands of partners and that too globally. They do so to save copies of their work into special collections. The one who is having a free account can easily upload their media to the internet archive. As we all know that it is a library and it deals with books. Not everyone can have easy access to public libraries, our site of Academic libraries are also there to help people with different books but here also we have to face the same problem of easy access. So to solve this problem and to provide easy access to all we have these digital versions of books and these are easily available. Anyone can take benefit of these books any time. One only has to make an account. This library started the work of programming the digital books in 2005 and today they scan 1000 books per day. This shows that the library has achieved a lot of success.  These books are scanned in different 28 locations around the world. The books which were published prior to 1923 are now available for download. There is one open library site available for the users and here people can make use of thousands of modem books. They can borrow these books also. But some of the digitized books are available to the customers only through print disabled. Television is also an ephemeral medium like the internet.  Archiving of the television programs was started in late 2000. First public TV project done by way back machine was an archive on T.V news covering the events of September 11, 2001. Then came the year 2009 when they began to make selected U.S television news broadcast. These were easily available in the T.V news archive. But it was to be searched by the caption.

Television now became a citable and sharable reference for users. It serves millions of people each day and provides them universal knowledge. It is considered one of the top 300 websites available in the world. If we talk about a single copy of the internet archive library then you will be shocked to know that it has a vast collection of 30+ petabytes of server space.

If you are an independent in a closed primary State, you will NOT be able to vote for any Democratic or Republican Party candidate, i.e. Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, Kasich, etc. 

What is an Open Primary?

In an open primary, the voter has the choice to vote in any one party without being officially affiliated or registered with that party. Example: I can vote in the Republican primary even though I am registered as a Democrat. Also important to note, you cannot vote in both primaries- you have to pick one.

What is a closed Primary?

You must be officially affiliated with a party to vote for that party. Example: If I want to vote for Bernie or Hillary, I have to be registered as a Democrat. If I am registered as an independent, I cannot vote for either/any of them in the Presidential Primary.


If you don’t vote, it is as if you don’t exist. Do your civic duty for you and your community and 
get registered to vote today regardless of where you live!