And the winner is - EmergeUSA

And the winner is...President-Elect Donald Trump

What does President-Elect Trump mean for us? It means that we, the Muslim American community, will keep fighting to make our voices heard.

A year ago, EmergeUSA set out to register voters in a sustained and persistent manner.  This resulted in a record number of Muslim Americans eligible to vote in the key swing states that impacted this election result. Over the past four months, EmergeUSA members and supporters across the nation have worked to mobilize and empower Muslim American communities to take action in this historic election. Our team called over 61,000 Muslim Americans in communities throughout key battleground states, including VA, FL, PA, MI and TX. We hosted over 40 events and rallied the Muslim American community to stay engaged and informed during this election cycle. Our team impacted this election more than any previous year by working with the Muslim American community to have make their voices heard.

Your efforts, however, do not end with this election. We now have the infrastructure in place to ensure that the #MuslimSwingVote is considered in every election moving forward. With this momentum, we will drive the conversation and elevate key issues of importance from our communities to the desks of our elected officials. We will continue engaging Muslim Americans throughout the country, empower them to be civically active and take charge in their communities as knowledgeable citizens.

None of this would have been possible without your involvement. In addition to our GOTV efforts, you’ve motivated your families, your friends,your neighbors, and those around you throughout this entire election cycle. Your dedication and passion helped spread the word to get involved and get out the Muslim vote.  For that, we thank you.

Mr. Trump is our President and needs us to help bring this nation together. We look forward to the opportunity to engage him and keep our nation one that grows by embracing its diversity and will wither if we listen to our fears.

There's still much left to do but we’re optimistic about the future. This work cannot be once every four years. We must agree that together, with sustained engagement of the process, we can continue making Muslim Americans a strong voice in public policy discourse. With your help, we’re excited to see what other barriers we can break..

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