American Muslims on Gun Control, Income Inequality & Education

Emerge USA was present at the 2015 ISNA Convention #ISNA52Chicago this year! As a part of our effort to engage the American Muslim community, we took polls of attendees on Gun Control, Income Inequality/ Economy and Education.

Who constitutes the American Muslim community? America is today home to one of the most diverse populations of Muslims across the world. The home people who come from varies countries, ethnicities and different schools of thought. Most of the reports will let you know that the American Muslims are the recent immigrants into America but look at the demographics and that narrates a different story.

Today America has more than 3-6 million Muslims of which it is roughly believed that one third are African-American, one third are from South Asia, one-quarter of the American Muslim population traces its origin to Arab and the rest of the population are from the other parts of the world. There is also today a Latino Muslim population that is growing.

More than half of the American Muslim population was born in the UnitedStates of America and a percentage of this still continues to grow. The immigration has become less and the increase in number is because of the Muslim families that have settled in America and have started to have families here.

The main idea for Muslims to migrate to America was to have an economic opportunity and seek freedom. The American Muslim today forms a part of the middle class society of America.

You can see American Muslims working as doctors, newspaper vendors, taxi drivers, lawyers, athletes etc. almost every job opportunity may have a number of American Muslims employed. There are also a number of famous America Muslims that you can read about. Go to the website for the list of names of the famous American Muslims.

the American Muslims are civil, have become a part of the American community, and live in complete harmony.

The results are depicted below.

Emerge USA will be continuing to conduct these polls on the grassroots level to better understand American Muslim voter attitudes in our chapter States. If you would like to participate and share your perspective through this poll, please click on the infographic below to be guided to the appropriate survey.

It is time for American Muslims to write our narrative and define where we stand on issues that affect America so that Islamophobes don’t do it for us anymore.