About Us

Emerge USA is a 501c(4) that seeks to engage, educate and empower Muslim, South Asian and Arab American (MASA) communities through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable and motivated citizens.

Emerge USA Foundation, a 501c(3), also politically empowers and trains its constituents to be engaged and active citizens. The foundation has three programs that help fulfill this mission: Emerging Leaders, Emerging Voters, and Emerging Data.

We currently have chapters in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Texas. Our goal is to build civic and political capacity in the MASA communities in these states, while continuing to identify other states for future expansion.

It is very important to ensure equality and political participation of minorities.  Several nations which ignored these in the past had to face the following issues:

  1. Refugees and minorities immigrated to new countries only due to unfavorable situations like a war in their home countries. They already had a lot of mental burdens.  Hence there was widespread use of narcotic drugs among them.  When an economically strong nation accommodates considerable population, who turned out to be drug users, the rate of social crimes spur.
  2. This resulted in an increase in terrorism and prostitution. When something new comes, it always does not turn out to be a blessing like Ethereum Code.   The use of illegal weapons was widespread spoiling the local peace.
  3. Widespread poverty amongst minorities resulted in using them as forced laborer’s. These people were used in large numbers to manufacture duplicate goods of a poor quality that flooded into markets.  These people were forced to work in inhuman working conditions.  They had to work for very long hours without break.  Their medical conditions were totally ignored.    They worked for very low wages.  Also, the counterfeit goods which were introduced in the market totally damaged the sale of original goods.  This had a severe economic impact bringing the demand of the genuine goods down.  The sale proceeds of the illicit goods were used for funding terrorism.  Hence this organization works for improving minority communities’ rights.

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South Florida:                                                                                           Finance Office:  Lakeland, FL 33809                                                                3425 US Highway 98 North

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