Like the Internet, television is also an ephemeral medium. We began archiving television programs in late 2000, and our first public TV project was an archive of TV news surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

Internet archive as we know is a huge library which is used universally. It serves global issues and is working on different projects. Now you can easily pop over to this web-site to get any information you need about any field or subject. Here we will discuss different projects which it has undertaken. Let’s go through them.

  • Open library- It is comprised of two great One of them is called a free digital library which comprises over 2 million eBooks. The users can read these books in the browser or they can download it easily to read them offline whenever they fell like. This offline facility helps the user to make proper use of their time. They can freely make use of this site without any time boundation. It provides a unique web page for every published book. It is a great help for those who love reading. It has already made 20000 web pages for different books and these are available on This site is an open project, therefore, anyone can participate in the building of this site.
  • Scanning services- The best part of internet archive is it can digitize our collections and provides free and easy access to these collections. Not only this it also provides many other facilities like-long term storage of our data, unlimited download facility with lifetime file management. It has already scanned more than 600 pages. Its partners are a library of Congress and the Smithsonian to New York public library.
  • Software archive- It is designed to preserve and provide knowledge and facts of those software titles which are rare or difficult to find. It gives an easy to these software titles and background information on these titles. It includes a broad range of software and materials related to software like shareware and freeware to its customers. This software easily available to customers. It also gives video news releases about software titles. Other software which is also easily accessible to people is speed runs of gameplay, previews, and promos related to software games.
  • Way back machine- It is a web archive which was launched in 1996. It contains almost 2 betabytes of data which is compressed. With this, it also provides the users with150+ web captures which are very useful for them which always includes content from the top level domain.

We are funded through donations, grants, and by providing web archiving and book digitization services for our partners. As with most libraries, we value the privacy of our patrons