Blog: Now What?

Now What?

by Khurrum Wahid

This morning, I fear what will happen to us under a President who has divided us.  However, it was not Donald Trump who divided us, he simply played to what was already there. I lament the civic process and how flawed the system is when a seemingly unqualified person can become President of the United States. Although, this system has worked for supporters of both parties at some point and I did not complain when my candidate won.  I am in shock, looking to be consoled, and searching for answers to what happened.  I know I am not alone.

On November 8, many Americans channeled their frustration, fear and anger into a vote for Mr. Trump.  This vote was the tip of the spear, focused on a singular purpose in a singular moment and it worked. This trajectory will continue unless abated. When we do not do our job of being good citizens, then there are real consequences. As of now, that which we fear has not come true.  There is a process for policy to take hold, a process we can continue to impact.

For me, the way forward is to channel my anger and frustration toward something productive.  It is time to dismantle the old and create a new way forward.  One that pursues a purpose, prioritizes civic engagement and brings fresh and even idealistic solutions to the table. I envision an alliance of minorities who can work together because only when we unite will we soon be the majority.

EmergeUSA is prepared to take on this challenge.  We have a foundation that works to educate how we can best engage the process. It will develop the resources needed to continue to teach us even beyond the Presidential election.  EmergeUSA will train us to lobby our issues to prevent bad law and promote good. EmergeUSA’s political action committee will continue to create relationships with elected officials, past, present, and future.  I will be meeting with every one of my elected officials over the next few weeks. Some I had a relationship with, some are new to me and I am sure I am new to them. I would like you to do the same. Additionally, EmergeUSA PAC will work to create a bench of future candidates that believe in diversity and inclusion.  This work must be a priority, it must be year round, it cannot wait four more years to begin.

I have a new President. One whose conduct has made me want to walk away from this process. He was elected by people who supported policy ideas that harm me and make me feel unwanted in this nation.  But then I sit back and realize I am truly unknown to those that elected Mr. Trump. Everyone is the hero in their own story. I plan to engage those who I think hate me because it is my responsibility and the only option.  I must channel my anger, disgust, frustration at the world today into concrete positive action that brings us together for common causes, one cause at a time. We can do this with Mr. Trump or without him. That choice will be his.

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  • commented 2016-11-09 17:06:21 -0500
    Thank you Khurram and Emerge for providing leadership and guidance for the community. We must turn this disappointment into a commitment for positive action against ignorance, bigotry an.d hate.